• Ryan Lynch

Week 5 Survivor

As of writing this on Wednesday afternoon no games have been cancelled or postponed, however as we saw last week it could be a common occurrence throughout the rest of the year.

But we are back with week 5 picks. We posted week 3 picks, did not post week 4, because LIFE got in the way, but still going strong in NFL survivor pool, if only we remembered each week to pick on Draftkings as well.

Our first pick of the week is going to be the Steelers (-7) over the Eagles. The Steelers are ticked off they had to move their bye week because Tennessee had a Covid-19 outbreak and I feel they are going to take it out on the Philadelphia Eagles this week. The Steelers defense looks dominant at times, and to be honest I think they cause havoc this week and pressure Carson Wentz all game long. The Eagles surprised everyone with a win last week against an ailing 49ers team. The Eagles are lacking offensive weapons and with the combination of a lot of pressure and a lack of of offensive weapons I feel it is a good mix for a Steelers victory.

Associated Press

Our second pick is getting tougher and tougher every week, but I want to give you all options just in case you zigged when I zagged to a different team. With the second pick we are going with the Dallas Cowboys (-9.5) over the New York Giants. I would be shocked if the Cowboys don't show up for a divisional matchup against the Giants. The Cowboys simply have too much offensive talent for the Giants defense. Take the Cowboys if you want to save the Steelers for later in the season.

David Currie - SkySports

With our final pick we are going with Seattle Seahawks (-7) over the Minnesota Vikings. The Seahawks just continue to pile W's together and with how bad Minnesota has looked on defense it appears to be another week for Russell Wilson to smash. Take the Seahawks with confidence and watch them coast to a 5-0 start.

Zach Tantillo- PFF




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