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Week 1 Injury Report: Week 2 Prognosis for Fantasy Football

Aaron Rodgers

Photo: Dan Powers, USA Today Sports

Suffered a likely MCL sprain during Week 1 vs the Chicago Bears. Aaron Rodgers proclaimed after leading the Packers’ come-from-behind victory over the Bears that he will play next week against the Vikings.

Usually, a grade 2 MCL sprain requires 4-6 weeks of rest, but due to the demands of the position and the incompetence of the Packer’s backup QB, expect Aaron Rodgers to play through the injury. Rodgers hobbling around on one leg for the next 4-6 week is still better than 90% of the QBs in the league. There are some things to be expected during the healing process, there will be swelling and limited range of motion, but thankfully he will receive extensive treatment throughout the week.

The only real question is how mobile he will be. By video, it appears Rodgers has a left MCL Grade 2 (mild) sprain, without any damage to the ACL. I have no doubt he will play next week but over the next 4 weeks, as he heals, cutting and side-to-side moments and his ability be under center will be affected. At this point, only bench Rodgers if you have a great backup QB and the Packers are playing an elite level defense.

According to ESPN, Rodgers was held out of practice on Wednesday, and although he said he did not need any practice time in order to play in Sunday's game against the Minnesota Vikings, will still be listed as day-to-day.

Greg Olsen

Photo: Mike McCarn, AP

The Panthers have confirmed Greg Olsen re-fractured his foot. The fracture is a Jones fracture (a break at the base of the 5th (pinkie) toe), with possible tendon rupture of that same spot.

This is the same foot and same type of injury he had last year, which cost him 9 games. The plan now is rehab and the Panthers will update his status on a month-to-month basis. Expect Olsen to be out at the very minimum 4 weeks, and to possibly come back around the Week 7-9 range. Of course, this is all dependent on how the rehab process goes, if Greg Olsen decides to just call it a career, and how the Panthers are playing. At this point, it is not a wise move to depend on Olsen, and finding a TE on the waiver wire is a must.

Leonard Fournette

Leonard Fournette suffered a hamstring strain and had to leave the game early vs the Giants in week 1. After the game, Fournette told ESPN’s Josina Anderson that he believes he’ll play during Week 2, however don’t expect Fournette to be 100%. Even a Grade 1 hamstring strain (partial tear) requires around 2-4 weeks to heal. TJ Yeldon is a very capable back, don’t be surprised if the Jags end up resting Fournette for a few weeks, even though he is saying otherwise.

He did not practice today (Wednesday) due to what the team is calling "a minor hamstring strain."

Doug Baldwin

Photo: David Zalubowski / AP

Doug Baldwin suffered a MCL sprain, very similar to Aaron Rodgers, but unlike Rodgers, you can expect him to miss 4-6 weeks. The main difference here is the demands of the position. A QB can stay in the pocket and still throw the ball. A wide receiver requires much more sharp cuts, quick changes of direction, all of which put a lot more stress on the knee joint. Baldwin got his leg caught under Broncos defensive tackle Domata Peko early in the game. He came back and tried to play, but didn't stay in the game much longer. Given Baldwin had a knee issue in his left knee and is now hindered in his right, it's probably not a good sign. He will miss a few games but hold on to Baldwin, he will be needed on your roster when you make your playoff push.

DeSean Jackson

Photo: Butch Dill, AP

DeSean Jackson had a great game Week 1 vs the Saints. In the fourth quarter, Jackson caught a 35-yard pass from Ryan Fitzpatrick but fell hard face-first into the turf , it was later revealed that Jackson sustained a concussion. Jackson will have to clear the NFL's concussion protocol before returning to action, which puts his availability for Week 2 in jeopardy. Fitzpatrick and Jackson have great chemistry, so if healthy, make sure you play Jackson the next 2 weeks, during Winston's suspension.

Lastly, these players were injured in Week 1 as well, but will be out for the season

Jeremy Hill - Torn ACL

Delanie Walker - Dislocated his ankle

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