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Updated: Jul 25, 2018

I've been nerding out on this game for over 10 years, and it has been a blast the entire time.

If you are a fan of idle-style games, or miss the early days of facebook style games like Mafia Wars (or just generally love RPGs) this game could be for you. It's mainly played via your internet browser (at work?) at torn.com, and there is also an android app available.

I brought this game up on episode #6 of our podcast as an alternative to all the console news that we have been discussing lately. Torn City is something that can be played as casually as 10 minutes a day, moderately in the way of multiple log-ins per day, or as intense as actively watching your faction beat the crap out of other players over the course of hours in a "chain" of attacks.

You can run a company, be a member of a crime-faction controlling and warring over territory, or focus on expanding your wealth traveling the world and trading items through the in-game economy.

This game is easy to dip your toes into, and takes a while to master. You navigate the game via a series of tabs (seen on the left side of this picture) and build your stats over time by using your "Energy" to train at the gym, attack other players, or get an education. You can also commit crimes or bust people out of jail by using your "Nerve"

There's so much to this game that I highly recommend it to anyone who has some time to burn and want to meet people from across the globe. I regularly chat with members of my faction, representing Sweden, Australia, the UK, and other places around the world. The community is pretty cool and has a ton of helpful guides via the forums or the torn wiki (https://www.torn.com/wiki).

If you want to try the game out, feel free to hit me up (My username is Zorfar as you can see above). I would be happy to give you some starter money/advise on how to nagivate Torn City. If you want to join via my "recruit a citizen", I will shamelessly plug the link here: https://www.torn.com/467306.

Good luck in the city Chunkers!




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