• Vinnie Portell

Super Bowl Sunday - Prop Bet Picks

Super Bowl Sunday over the years has morphed into as much of a national holiday as our most revered of days — as it should.

Though I do believe someone could win the Presidency running solely on the platform of “Super Bowl Saturday,” this is still one of the best days of the year without debate.

Who could take issue with a day reserved for friends, food, football and the best part of all: absolutely ludicrous prop bets?

Now if you’re someone like me who doesn’t have a dog in this fight, or even if you do, one of the best ways to spend the near-four hours of mostly commercials and some football is to put some cash on the line.

Best Longshot Props*

Personally I’m more so a fan of prop bets with eye-popping odds. If you’re betting on something as silly as a coin flip or whether a play will be a run or a pass, you’re already throwing caution to the wind.

You might as well go for gold on picks like these, as you never know what could happen.

Double Result Tie/Patriots: 12-1 odds

-For this bet to hit, the score must be tied at halftime and the Patriots must win the game.

This bet obviously hinges on who you think will win, but a tie at halftime in a game like this could easily happen and the Patriots have been known to be a second-half team, especially as of late. Simply put, any bet on the Patriots isn’t going to have nearly as good of odds as this one.

Super Bowl MVP

Fletcher Cox 33-1, Malcolm Jenkins 100-1, or Mychal Kendricks/Nigel Bradham 200-1

Since 1999, the only players to win Super Bowl MVP have been either: a quarterback, a wide receiver, a linebacker, and in the case of Dexter Jackson with the Bucs in 2003, a safety.

In football it’s obvious that the MVP is likely to be the quarterback…so obvious so that Tom Brady is worse than even money right now. Thus, I think the longshot play here is an Eagles defender. It may sounds ludicrous to take a defensive player going against Brady and New England, but if the Patriots win, Brady is most likely winning MVP.

Fun ones to root for*

Will Pink forget or omit a word from the national anthem

Yes +400

It may be unlikely, but it’s happened in the past and it’s not insane to think that the pressure of the moment could make someone miss even one word. Interesting bet for 4-1 odds.

Donald Trump Tweets on Feb. 4

Under 5 -120

There are few people who like to go on Twitter rants such as Donald Trump, but even 5 on Super Bowl Sunday seems like a lot from him. Unless he starts the morning off with something unrelated to the game, I just don’t see it going over.

Will Donovan McNabb’s vomiting incident from Super Bowl 39 be mentioned during the broadcast?

Yes +170

This is what it’s all about. You can win money off someone talking about vomit. What a world.

Will Terrell Owens be mentioned during the broadcast?

Yes -150

If they talk about Super Bowl 39, they’ll have to mention TO.

*All wagers and odds taken from bovada.lv




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