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The Chunkers 2020 NBA Playoffs Predictions

Updated: Aug 17

So the NBA's bubble experiment has proved to be very successful and FINALLY the playoffs are here! We here at The Chunk will jump at the opportunity to fill out a bracket in this unprecedented year of sports.

So here it is, our 2020 NBA Playoff Predictions!

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Justin's Bracket

Maybe it's a homer pick having the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals, but if you've been watching closely during this bubble season you'll see this team is more than equipped for a deep playoff run. But he's not crazy, the Clippers take it all.

Ryan's Bracket

This one is pretty chalk across the board. The consensus all season long has been the Milwaukee Bucks coming out of the East and one of the LA teams out of the West. He goes with the Clippers over Lakers here.

Regi's Bracket

Whether it's his allegiance to Drake or his respect for incredible team defense, Regi taking the Raptors out of the East sounds way crazier than it should. They will be strong contenders. That being said, the Lakers take it all here.

Vince's Bracket

In one the most controversial brackets assembled, Vince has the Philadelphia 76ers knocking off the top three teams in the East to make a run to the NBA Finals. That may be tough if Ben Simmons doesn't come back quick. But either way, the LA Lakers take the cake here.

Jimmy's Bracket

In a bracket that looks eerily similar to Justin's, things deviate once the Bucks jump into the Finals to take on the Clippers. The reigning MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo nabs his first championship here.

Kristin's Bracket

No player has gained more popularity off the court during the bubble than vlogger Matisse Thybulle. After watching his behind-the-scenes videos, Kristin has decided the 76ers must be good enough to make a deep run. Not deep enough, though. Clippers over Bucks here.

David's Bracket

David's got the Raptors making a good run back to the Eastern Conference Finals, but the Bucks are too strong. We are rewarded with a 7-game series of Giannis vs. LeBron with the Lakers prevailing.

JJ's Bracket

Ladies and gentleman, I'd like to introduce you to pure chaos. Admittedly JJ doesn't watch a whole lot of basketball, but we'd be lying if we didn't think this outcome would be entertaining. Watching the NBA burn in the bubble like this would be a spectacle! Bucks make the Finals as heavy favorites and get slain by the small-ball Rockets here. Wow.

Blake's Bracket

Here we've got another chapter in the Lakers vs. Celtics rivalry. This is the NBA;s favorite collision course and they're always happy to have it. This time, LeBron and the Lakers take the title, tying the Celtics on the all-time list at 17 championships.

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