• JJ Mitchell aka Zorfar7

No Man's Sky Delivers on Multiplayer Space-scapades

Hello Games' No Man's Sky promised a broad and unprecedented space exploration experience for its players before launching in August of 2016. What started as a hype-space-train ended in calamity when players realized that the developer under-delivered in the multiplayer aspect of the game, as well as quality of life mechanics and any semblance of a story.

That being said, we are in 2018 (which happens to be one of the best years for gaming in recent memory) and Hello Games has brought us No Man's Sky Next. The long awaited multiplayer experience is finally here, along with a slew of changes to the mechanics and a story to guide you through the sandbox. You and three of your best space-friends can now work collaboratively to build a base, be space pirates (or protectors), and explore the near-infinite number of worlds in the universe of this game.

Now, I'll be honest. I did not play the game at launch. This was one of those titles that I decided to wait and see if the hype-space-train was legit, and my decision ended up paying off. However, two of my space-buddies that I binged this updated version with this past weekend did play at launch and tell me that the update is what they were hoping the game would be at launch.

When I finally got the game to launch on my PC (a story for another article), I was immediately dragged into a world with noxious gases and dangerous creatures. With the help of my friends, I escaped this planet for better prospects. 15-20 hours of gameplay later, working to build that next part of my base and progress further into the game is all I can think about.

With more free updates on the way, I HIGHLY recommend for newcomers and returners alike that you launch yourselves into No Man's Sky, as it offers the best of sand-box and space shenanigans that we were all hoping for.

Safe travels space cowboy.





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