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NFL Week 1: A Quick Take From Every Game

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

The first Sunday of the 2018 NFL season in in the books! Here's a quick take from each and every Week 1 matchup. How did your team fare?

Atlanta Falcons 12 - 18 Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles Defense is still really good... Despite the fact Julio Jones finished with 10 catches for 169 yards, he never made it to the endzone (Julio didn't score? I'm shocked...). The Eagles offense is still waiting on some keys pieces to return (Carson Wentz, Alshon Jeffrey) but that defense is still championship stout. Here's the "bend don't break" final play of the game:

Pittsburgh Steelers 21 - 21 Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns are no longer a joke... Traditionally, the taste of a tie is a hard pill to swallow, but for the Cleveland Browns, this one feels good going down. While their offense took some time to get it together (and there's still a lot of work to be done), it was their defense that forced six turnovers and gave the Browns every chance to get the win. While they didn't get the W, not losing in Week 1 vs. a division rival is still a great outcome. The Browns are fighting back this season. Seriously though, have you ever seen all eleven Browns fans this happy?

Cincinnati Bengals 34 - 23 Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck is finally back... The Bengals did walk away with the win after a pretty monstrous 4th quarter, but my take on this one is two years coming, Andrew Luck is back and actually healthy! (Despite Bengals safety Shawn Williams' best efforts... See below) The Colts are finally watchable again!

Tennessee Titans 20 - 27 Miami Dolphins

The Tennessee Titans are in trouble... Thanks to a couple of weather delays, this game lasted over 7 hours and that didn't bode well for the Titans health. Two-time Pro Bowler offensive lineman Taylor Lewan was blindsided by a block and left with a concussion. Then, their star QB Marcus Mariota had to leave the game with an elbow injury. Finally, their talented TE Delanie Walker dislocated his ankle and is likely to miss the remainder of the season. Certainly not the ideal way to start the season for the Titans. Here's a look at the hit that took out Mariota:

San Francisco 49ers 16 - 24 Minnesota Vikings

Jimmy Garoppolo takes his first L... After coming into the season having never lost a game in which he has started, Jimmy Garoppolo runs into the stout Minnesota Vikings defense and takes his first loss. This was the first time we've seen Jimmy G visibly rattled, but all-in-all, this was a good thing for him. The Vikings are an absolutely elite defense and to have some bad game film to study will do Jimmy some good. Although, I'm sure he won't like watching this one:

Buffalo Bills 3 - 47 Baltimore Ravens

The Buffalo Bills are the worst team in the NFL and it's not close... Yep, that's about it for this one. Good news is, they have a young, potentially franchise on the roster. Bad news is, they started Nathan Peterman again...

Houston Texans 20 - 27 New England Patriots

Deshaun Watson had to knock the dust off... I don't think anyone expected Deshaun Watson to pick right up where he left off in his magical rookie season last year. So, seeing him struggle early the way he did shouldn't surprise many. The Patriots didn't exactly make things easy on him either. However, he did show some flashes and the talent is absolutely still there. This Texans team has major potential and Watson took all the blame for this one:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 48 - 40 New Orleans Saints

The Tampa Bay Bucs are not who we thought they were... Perennial journeyman QB Ryan Fitzpatrick was given the keys to the Bucs offense thanks to Jameis Winston's 3 game suspension, but if he keeps this up, he may not be handing them back. In what was surely the upset of Week 1 in the NFL, Ryan Fitzpatrick finished with a perfect 158.3 passer rating, throwing for 417 yards and fours TD's and even added another on the ground. Now, nobody expects this play to be sustainable, but it certainly has raised the expectations in Tampa Bay.

Kansas City Chiefs 38 - 28 Los Angeles Chargers

Tyreek Hill will destroy you... From the moment Tyreek Hill first touched the football, he shattered the hopes and dreams of Chargers fans. Starting with a 91-yard punt return TD, then a 58-yard catch and run TD, and capping it off with one yard TD catch in the 4th quarter, Hill absolutely owned this game. It does help to get some impressive QB play from the young Patrick Mahomes as well...

Washington Redskins 24 - 6 Arizona Cardinals

Adrian Peterson is still a monster... In his first game with the Washington Redskins, AP finished with 166 total yards from scrimmage and a TD. The Redskins went into Arizona and absolutely man-handled the Cardinals. Whether it was Arizona's lack of talent or Washington's overall ability remains to be seen. But that Adrian Peterson, though:

Seattle Seahawks 24 - 27 Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos are much improved from last season... It's amazing what a the difference of a competent QB can do for a franchise. Granted, Case Keenum didn't play without some miscues, but he provides all the Broncos need out of a QB to remain explosive and to allow the defense to handle their business, more specifically, Von Miller. They've got sneaky potential to do big things.

Dallas Cowboys 8 - 16 Carolina Panthers

The Dallas Cowboys are not good at football... It may have something to do with the lack of taking advantage of the small cap hit of QB Dak Prescott like most teams do, i.e. Seattle Seahawks 2014 Super Bowl winning team, but the Dallas Cowboys have taken major steps back in talent and have not taken the necessary steps to fill the gaps. Zeke is an unreal talent, but it would appear that this Cowboys team is on a very slippery slope.

Chicago Bears 23 - 24 Green Bay Packers

Khalil Mack is worth every penny, but so is Aaron Rodgers... A week after both Khalil Mack and Aaron Rodgers sign NFL record high contracts, they a pitted against each other in what will go down as one of the most unforgettable comeback wins in NFL history. Mack and the Chicago Bears absolutely dominated the Packers in every way in the first half. A first half that saw Aaron Rodgers hobble to the sideline, get carted off the field, and back QB Dashone Kizer come in and get destroyed by Khalil Mack multiple times and put the Bears up 20-0. After getting the vibe that Rodgers' and the Packers season could already be over in Week 1, Aaron Rodgers jogs out of the tunnel for the second half, leads the Packers back from 20 points down and the Packers defense holds at the end to get the win! It remains to be seen how hurt Rodgers knee really is, but for this game, it was truly a special moment. Here's the 75-yard game-winning TD pass form Aaron Rodgers to Randall Cobb:

New York Jets vs. Detroit Lions

The Jets defense is actually healthy... Whether it was Matthew Stafford having one of the worst games of his career or the fact the Jets consistently brought the pressure, the Jets performance on defense can not be overlooked. It's been a long time since the Jets looked THAT dominant and it was incredible.

Los Angeles Rams vs. Oakland Raiders

The Raiders shouldn't have traded Khalil Mack... To be fair, the Raiders putrid offense is very much to blame for this loss. BUT, trading away someone who very well could be the best defensive player in the NFL was a bad look for Jon Gruden as his first move. Look for the Raiders to muddle around in the "too bad for the playoffs but too good for a top draft pick" range.

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