• Justin Rob Doyle

NBA Christmas Day Lineup, The Best Batman, and Red Dead Redemption 2 - The Chunk Podcast #12

We recap our very first #ChunkGiveaway featuring a brand-new copy of Madden 19 and Niki and Justin share a few stories from Tampa Bay Comic Con. Also, the NBA released their Christmas Day schedule, Jarvis Landry yells at the Browns, we decide who is the best Batman, and we pit Red Dead Redemption 2 vs. Super Smash Ultimate

Welcome to The Chunk Podcast! This is an all-encompassing podcast dedicated to bringing you the latest in sports, gaming, and entertainment! Here's what we covered in Podcast #12: 

Sports (Starts at 12:45) - NBA Christmas Day lineup, Jarvis Landry's "Hard Knocks" speach, and fantasy football draft order decision

Entertainment (Starts at 40:25) - Who is the best Batman of all-time? 

Gaming (Starts at 42:56) - Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay trailer and Super Smash Bros Ultimate new character updates

We hope you enjoy and stick around for more great content coming your way. Be sure to give us a follow on here and our other social media by searching for @TheChunkPod! Thanks! 

On the Pod: Justin Rob Doyle, JJ Mitchell, Regi Bastien, Niki Juste, and Jason Subadan

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