• Justin Rob Doyle

John Cena May Be in Line to Play Duke Nukem on the Big Screen

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

It sounds as if WWE superstar and all-around entertainer John Cena is currently in talks with with Paramount to star in a live-action film as the musclebound video game character Duke Nukem. It's also been announced that Platinum Dunes, a company co-run by Michael Bay, will be in control of production (at least the explosions will the glorious).

While it's obvious that Cena looks the part, the question will be whether or not he can pull of Duke Nukem without coming off as too playful. Cena has certainly become a very marketable actor in recent years, and given the success of Dwayne Johnson as a WWE star-turned-actor, should be given the opportunity to own this character. I definitely think he can give us a believable Duke Nukem, but some might say the time for a Duke Nukem movie was 10 years ago.

The Duke Nukem franchise has kinda been in a stand-still for last few years, but with the latest Tomb Raider reboot coming out in March and Rampage in April, the time for live-action video game movies could be now. Would you go see a John Cena led Duke Nukem film?



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