• Ryan Lynch

How did MLB get it so wrong?

As we now know the MLB hasn’t had the smoothest of restarts. Out of the major sports that have began again MLB has had the toughest time and the one thing is the lack of a bubble.

Prior to the season starting again we know the players wanted as close to a full season as they could get, some reports of 100-120 games. And as we know the owners quickly shut that down, and countered with as little as 40 games. The discussion of a bubble seemed to last about as long as the players considered the 40 game proposal.

From an outsider it seems easy, create 3 bubbles. One for the west, one for the central, and one for the East. If you wanted to get real crazy you could do two per area so that you can play more games at the same time. It has come out recently that not only did the players not want a bubble situation, but the owners didn’t want a bubble. The bubbles have worked for the NBA, and for MLS for that matter. The MLS was even able to contain cases within the bubble to eliminate the spread.

Now I get the players not wanting to leave their families for 3 months, but I cannot imagine what is going on now is safer than a bubble. With reports that players are out partying at hotel bars, and breaking protocols it certainly isn’t a good look.

As the days have gone by and it seems another positive test is added daily, one wonders when is enough going to be enough, when is the risk going to out weigh the reward. What will it take for the season to be postponed or cancelled? Is it the worst case scenario that nobody wants to speak about. We already have players who have shown complications of Covid, so what will it take for Rob Manfred to say enough is enough?

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