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Doodle News: What if LeBron Waived His No-trade Clause?

Updated: Feb 8, 2018

Before I start this post, let me explain what the heck a "Doodle News" is. Let me first say that I am a horrible artist. So naturally, I have decided to create a new feature on The Chunk called "Doodle News" where I use an image that was created and drawn (poorly) by myself. So with the first ever "Doodle", I spent probably more time than I ever will again (I mean, it's supposed to be a damn doodle) on LeBron James. So I hope you enjoy this and the many upcoming doodles!


Lets face it, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers are currently in quite the nosedive and the likelihood of LeBron sticking around after this season continues to dwindle. But luckily for LeBron and the Cavaliers, the NBA trade deadline is this Thursday at 3:00pm eastern! Yay! While most of the league believes that the Cavs will be involved in trade talks and attempt to make a move to fix their problems (they're gonna need a lot of help), I believe that the best course of action is to blow it up, right now.

Okay, hear me out... LeBron has to know at this point the Cleveland Cavaliers do not have a squad capable of beating the Golden State Warriors in the Finals, let alone make it out of the Eastern Conference. Also, with all the news being leaked of the rifts with Cleveland's front office and the obvious disconnect with the players both on and off the court, why wouldn't LeBron want to waive his no-trade clause before the trade deadline? It's a no-brainer move that will not only help Cleveland (the city LeBron claims to love), but LeBron too! He would get a freebie half-season with a team that is willing to mortgage some of their future to attempt an improbable championship run with the best basketball player in the world, LeBron James.

After coming to this conclusion, I decided to seek out some trades that would work in ESPN's Trade Machine (pending LeBron waiving his no-trade clause) and would benefit all sides:


Trade Scenario 1:

Cleveland Cavaliers get: Andrew Wiggins, Taj Gibson, Justin Patton, Shabazz Muhammad, and Michael Georges-Hunt

Minnesota Timberwolves get: LeBron James and Dwyane Wade

Why they do it: The Minnesota Timberwolves obviously do not have to make this move, BUT the chance at pairing LeBron alongside Karl-Anthony Towns and Jimmy Butler, even for half the season, is just so juicy. Perhaps this squad could gel together and make a serious run at the Warriors in the West and compete against any team to come out of the East. The Cavs get their former #1 overall pick back in Andrew Wiggins along with veteran Taj Gibson, and a young big with potential in Justin Patton. Perhaps pick swaps may need to be involved to make up for the half-season rental of LeBron, but the thought of that T-Wolves squad is definitely enticing.

Trade Scenario 2:

Cleveland Cavaliers get: Markelle Fultz, Amir Johnson, and Jerryd Bayless

Philadelphia 76ers get: LeBron James

Why they do it: The 76ers have a plethora of great young talent with potential, so "giving up" on Markelle Fultz may be something they would consider if it meant pairing up LeBron James alongside Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, JJ Redick, and Dario Saric. Although they are young, that 76ers squad would be an absolute terror come playoff time. The Cavaliers would get a nice young piece in Markelle Fultz (depending on his ability to fix that jumpshot) and a couple more veterans that the Cavs so desperately need... oh wait.

Trade Scenario 3:

Cleveland Cavaliers get: Emmanuel Mudiay, Kenneth Faried, Wilson Chandler, and Nuggets 2018 1st round pick

Denver Nuggets get: LeBron James

Why they do it: The Nuggets are already in the playoff picture in the West, have an amazing young big in Nikola Jokic, a great group of young contributors, and former NBA Champion Richard Jefferson! Adding LeBron to the surging Nuggets would do wonders come playoff time and would certainly make them a contender to take down the big hurdle that is the Warriors. Now as for the Cavaliers, they aren't getting back a great stud, but Mudiay still has some potential to break out in a new environment, the two vets in Faried and Chandler could be good trade assets come the offseason, and another 1st rounder wouldn't hurt.

Obviously, LeBron has made it very clear that he absolutely will not waive his no-trade clause for any reason and seems content with riding out the circus that currently is the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, if Lebron truly loved the city of Cleveland, he would take this opportunity to finish elsewhere with a title chance, and allow the Cavs to restock the war chest instead of leaving them empty handed this offseason.

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