• Justin Rob Doyle

Chris Tucker Confirms Rush Hour 4

They're coming back for one more "Rush!" Chris Tucker confirmed on ESPN's podcast "The Plug" that he and Jackie Chan are reprising their roles as contrasting detectives Carter and Lee for Rush Hour 4. “It's definite. It's happening,” Tucker said . "This is going to be the one. The rush of all rushes."

The Rush Hour series has always been a favorite of mine growing up. The dynamic and chemistry between Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan was so perfect. So hearing that they're getting the gang back together for another installment certainly tickles my fancy.

There are so many cheesy action-comedy movies that come out nowadays, it will be refreshing to get one of the good ones back in the theaters. Even though more times than not the sequels tend to flop, that won't stop me from seeing this one when it comes out. The Rush Hour series was ingrained in my childhood, so I'm certainly excited to see the duo of Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan back at it again.

Also, enjoy some funny bonus Rush Hour scenes:



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