• Justin Rob Doyle

Aquaman & Shazam: DC Has Impressive San Diego Comic Con Showing

Looks like DC had themselves a San Diego Comic Con! They brought a buttload of trailers and teases with them, including their two heavy-hitters: Aquaman and Shazam! Here are the two highly-anticipated trailers:


As someone who wants to see a portrayal of Aquaman that is positively accepted and will end the ridicule of him, I am really digging what I'm seeing here. While some people may be harsh on the amount of CGI use, be real, we're talking about an underwater world! Aesthetically, Atlantis is looking pretty solid, as long as we don't get any more of those unnecessary air-talk bubbles like in Justice League... Also, seeing one of my favorite DC villains, Black Manta, make it to the big screen is amazing to see. We can only hope that the full movie can live up to the trailer... Something these recent DC films have yet to accomplish.


This one taps right into every kids childhood dream of being a superhero. The story of Shazam, unlike other DC films, has so much potential for a light-hearted, fun experience. Judging by this trailer, that is what we are going to get. This is exactly what DC needs right now, a fun movie without a Zack Snyder tone that can provide a more relatable ride. Even though it does look like they stuffed the costume a tad, I loving the seamless transition from Billy Batson to Shazam. This one looks like it could really surprise us.



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