• Justin Rob Doyle

2018 NBA Playoff Preview Podcast!

Updated: Apr 15, 2018

A few of us here at The Chunk took the time to fill out our own NBA Playoff Brackets and show the world how we think the playoffs are going to shake out. There are some hot takes and some shocking upsets, but when it came down to the Finals, the results pretty much in the same ballpark. Here are just a few! Let us know what you think!

Justin - I'm not falling for it anymore. The best team in the world vs. the best player in the world. That is how it will be and I will pick otherwise until I see it fail with my own eyes. The Cavaliers are not as strong as they were in past years, but LeBron is still LeBron and the East is still his until someone steps up and dethrones him. On the other side, I fully expect the Golden State Warriors to make it to the Western Conference Finals fairly easily, where they will face their toughest opponent in the West. Buy by that time Curry SHOULD be back and, at full strength, I expect them to handle the Rockets with no real issue. Then it's Warriors vs. Cavs and we all know how this one plays out...

In a shocking turn of events, Regi leaves us with no real surprises or "hot takes" in his bracket. However, in the NBA playoffs, it's best practice to just pick the higher seeded team and roll with it.

HOT TAKE ALERT: JJ provides us with a bracket that is sure to infuriate LeBron lovers and Cavs fans alike. In a shocking upset, he has the Indiana Pacers stunning the Cleveland Cavaliers in 7 games. This outcome would surely cause the NBA world to burn and shake up the Eastern Conference and provide us with the first LeBronless Finals in eight years.

Nick picked with his gut AND his heart by catapulting the young Philadelphia 76ers past LeBron and the Cavs. Leaving them to take on the hungry Houston Rockets who would have slain a dragon of their own in the Warriors. This would be an interesting outcome and honestly, not an impossible one.

Okay, wait a minute... Maybe this Rockets vs. 76ers Finals matchup isn't THAT farfetched? Jason seems to think it's very possible. Only time will tell us if the youngsters from Philly are going to Trust the Process all the way to a Finals appearance. Unfortunately for them, the West will still produce the superior team.

Here are the brackets from Lynch, Vinnie, and Vince:



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